• Non-sealed
    roller bearing

    Used for bits diameters of 2-3/8 “- 42”

    An ideal solution for Clients looking for a tool to ensure adequate drilling efficiency at a competitive cost level. Recommended for drilling shorter intervals.

  • Sealed roller bearing

    Used for bits diameters 5-7/8 “- 28”

    Characterized by the use of a special seal and lubrication system. This solution ensures much longer operational time, protecting the bearing components against migration of drilling fluid and debris.

  • Sealed journal bearing

    Used for bits diameters 3-7/8 “- 17-1/2”

    Characterized by high durability and wear resistance, thanks to the use of innovative components minimizing friction in the bearing. Sealed drills are designed to working in the most demanding conditions. The bearing is sealed and supported by lubrication system.