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Ireneusz Kazimierski
President of the Management Board

Ireneusz Kazimierski majored in chemical technology at the Faculty of Chemistry of Lodz University of Technology, specializing in environmental technology. He holds the certificate of completion of the management development program of ICAN Institute Harvard Business. His professional career began in 1999 at Ceramika Paradyż, where he worked as the Laboratory Manager and subsequently as the Chief Technologist. In the years 2001–2003 he was employed at Cersanit in the capacity of the Plant Director of Production. He subsequently served as the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Ultra Pack S.A. between 2003 and 2007. Over the next three years Mr. Kazimierski built his career at Opoczno Sp. z o.o., where he held the positions of the General Director and the Chief Executive Officer. Since 2010 he has worked at Rovese (currently Cersanit), first as the Production Managing Director – Member of the Management Board, then as the Vice-President of the Management Board in charge of Production, and finally as the Chief Executive Officer. His responsibilities included, among others, the implementation of the development strategy while engaging in the process of the company's transformation into an international, global organization. Furthermore, as of 27 November 2017 Mr. Kazimierski was appointed Vice-President of the Management Board by the Supervisory Board of PGO S.A. 

 V-ce President


He is a graduate of Cracow University of Economics. His professional career began 20 years ago in Carrefour Polska as a bookkeeper. 
Then he worked for: BDO Polska - as Consultant, Kronospan Polska - as Internal Auditor, Masonite PL Polska -as Financial Director, Proxy. 
Then he served as Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board in Mercator Medical S.A., which he prepared for the debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 
 While working for the aforementioned companies, he worked in several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Israel. 
 He specializes in the development of financial strategies, control processes and financial restructuring of enterprises. 
His personal interests are the culture and customs of Southeast Asian countries and medicine - other than academic one. 

                 Paweł Mroziński 
                Member of the


Since 2011,the owner of the brand Glinik is TDJ SA - Polish private investment company which from over 30 years have been operated in many sectors of the economy.

Vision: Leading,family-ownedinvestment firm with global reach in which throughout generations, together we build long-term value.
Mission: Around TDJ we createa community of 
passionate people who share common values in order
to achieve success together through completing projects we can be proud of.



We belive in the common vision

Fe follow our set of values

We focus on the future

We belive that investment in education and development generates the highest value for society.


We make bold and well-considered decisions

We take responsibility for our and our team’s  decisions and actions

We require initiative of ourselves

We always act in the best interest of the firm


We trust each other and form a tight-knit team

We listen and learn from others by considering each voice in discussion

After making the decision, we act as one to achieve our goal

We celebrate the success of our people by promoting them in the organization


We are loyal towards one another and communicate openly and with 

We respect diversity of opinions honesty

We are open to change and innovations

We discuss the mistakes we make and learn from them


We always keep our word

We are reliable and honest

We are committed to fair play

We meet our commitments
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